Panzano Arte

An art trail in Tuscany with Nathalie Decoster

Panzano Arte is proud to present the first edition of its art trail in the heart of the Italian Chianti region. It features sculptures by French artist Nathalie Decoster from June 22nd
to September 18th 2019.

“The magical village of Panzano between Florence and Sienna nestles amidst the rolling hills of the Chianti. This beautiful village is the starting point for a path that winds its way between rows of cypresses and vineyards. What could possibly be better for an artist than to contribute to this breathtaking landscape with a selection of works that are both contemporary and humanist?”
Nathalie Decoster

World-renowned sculptor Nathalie Decoster explores the human condition through her art, creating a universal language all of her own.

The philosophy at the heart of her work is grounded in our relationship with time and nature. She makes us aware of the value of time. The time we give and the time we receive, the time that makes the moments of our life. The title of her iconic sculpture “Le temps qui passe” is a perfect illustration of her positive vision of the passing of time, a path that allows us to attain wisdom and serenity.

The human figure is omnipresent in her work.
It is her faithful messenger that represents each one of us. Moving within geometric shapes, it provides the access code to enter a world of serenity.

Panzano Arte’s purpose is to present art that bears witness to a modern form of humanism. Works that aim to deepen our understanding of cultural and spiritual questions. Works that talk about freedom, free-thinking and human rights.

Since the Renaissance, the village of Panzano enjoys an international reputation as a bastion of artistic, spiritual and environmental values. Nathalie Decoster, whose modern and free approach is steeped in humanism, was an obvious choice as Panzano Arte’s first guest artist.

Panzano Arte is proud to present an art trail with 30 monumental sculptures and 3 very large format photos by Nathalie Decoster, in a superb scenography orchestrated by curator Mila Sturm. The trail starts in the heart of Panzano village and continues through beautiful surrounding countryside, taking visitors to 4 participating vineyards: Fontodi, Renzo Marinai, Tenuta Casenuove and La Massa.

Thanks to Panzano Arte, an extraordinary art trail has taken root in Tuscany and is ready to welcome Nathalie Decoster for its first edition.
As the artist so aptly observed: “Art is in the soul of the people of Panzano”.

The exhibition runs until September 18th 2019.